One biggest problem with our mobile phones seems to be their battery life, mainly at a time where the mobiles are used for media and internet. It becomes necessary to recharge the mobile atleast 3 or 4 times a day.

So, I thought of sharing a tip to extend the battery life. Its called the Battery Calibration. Many would be aware of this, but for the few who are not aware, this would be useful.

STEP 1: Let the Battery drain till it is completely dead.
STEP 2: Charge the device till the battery is full.
STEP 3: Unplug the charger, as soon as the battery is full. (this is very important, since leaving the charger on, even after the battery is full can damage the cells in your battery)
STEP 4: After unplugging the charger, turn off your mobile, take the battery out and put it back (this step removes the statics from the battery)
STEP 5: Turn on the mobile and start using it.
STEP 6: Repeat these steps atleast for 3 days.

1. Charge your battery only when it shows the 'low battery' message. Avoid frequent charging.
2. Always charge the battery until it shows the battery full message.
3. Switch off power consuming apps and services like Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi etc., when not in use.
4. Always use the OEM chargers, avoid other brands or duplicate chargers.
5. Never leave the phone, charging overnight (we often do this), this might damage the cells.
6. The above steps are not only for mobile phones, it is for any Lithium-Ion batteries like Mobiles, Smartphones, Laptops, Digital Cameras, etc. 

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