This article is based on a product available in the Korean market. Design, features, components, etc may differ by region.
The Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 LTE Weighs only 335 grams and featurs a powerful battery providing up to 10 hours of video playback time, a crisp Super-AMOLED Plus display, and lightning fast LTE mobile broadband. Let’s see what lies in between those 7.89 millimeters.

Touch Panel
The Tab 7.7 features a touch sensing reinforced glass and to reduce thickness, a touch-screen panel (TSP) pattern is printed on the AMOLED panel.

Display: WXGA(1280X800) Super AMOLED Plus
The GALAXY Tab 7.7 LTE’s Super AMOLED Plus high resolution screen offers life-like real colors, and crystal clear images at virtually any angle. The backlight-less superslim design is perfect for multimedia viewing which leaves no after image because of its fast response time.

The front cover contains magnesium, providing durability for slimness, while the camera, speaker and other parts have been modularized to maximize space.

Rear Cover
The border of the rear cover has been increased by 0.1mm than the original size to prevent scratches on the touch panel and rounded out to increase grip. Also it reduces rear camera protrusion to achieve an appearance of neatness. The metal finish add a sense of refinement with durability.

DMB Antenna
For viewing DMB broadcasts in supported regions.

Supports 3.5mm earjacks.

Main Board
The home of many of the main components, over 1,000 parts can be found on the main board with Samsung’s advanced integration technology. 

Gyro Sensor
The Gyro Sensor detects the up, down and sideways motion of the phone.

Internal Memory
The Tab supports 16/32 gigabytes of internal memory.

LTE, HSPA+ 21Mbps Modem Chip
The modem chip provides a speedy wireless network environment supporting HSPS + 21Mpbs and LTE
1.5GHz DualCore Chip
The tablet offers a much faster user environment than single core devices, thanks to the dual-core AP.

2 Million Pixel Front-facing Camera
For better self-shots and video chatting. 

3 Million Pixel Back-facing Camera
For high quality photo taking and video recording.

Flash Module
Flash LED for flash photography.

Light-Sensor Module
Light sensor used to adjust the brightness according to the light available in order to save battery.

Antenna & Stereo Speakers
Designed to catch radiowaves broadcast from anywhere in the world, the Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS is modularized with the speakers for greater slimness The area above is equipped with a vibration motor for greater immersion for games and touch response.

High-Capacity Battery
It features a 5100mAh battery with which you can watch videos or listen to music without worrying about losing power.

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